Audio file encoding might actually happen

I just spoke to a friend who is very familiar with audio encoding of data. He gave me some suggestions that might allow me to finally get this working. Smooth control of the fucking machine using audio files is actually a significant challenge but I have some ideas as to how to make this work once I get a suitable encoding/decoding scheme working. It is not the highest priority, at this point, but as soon as I have some time, I will be testing the new ideas to see if I can get a handle on them better than I did with previous attempts. I got pretty close but not close enough for “prime time”. At this point it looks very hopeful. The encoding method seems very robust and easy to implement. Of course there will be a million details to work out but it all makes sense, finally.

If I do get this to work it will allow for the synchronization of FM motion to audio and video sources and to allow editing of these synchronized files with common editing tools. That aspect will not be trivial but will be possible. It will also present the possibility (no idea how smoothly this will work) of realtime control over internet and cell phone connections.

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