Boards arrived

I got the new FM control boards and will be testing them soon. Only 6 but that might be enough for the most serious of the interested makers. Today while driving I thought of a new possible audio encoding method and will possibly promote it to the top of the list of things to try. It is brain dead simple but it would take two audio channels so i need to figure out how to transmit multichannel audio reliably over standard channels. too early to tell if it would work but if it does it will make the encoding/decoding problem disappear. I want to synchronize with video and audio so i need to keep at least one audio channel still available for audio streaming If anyone is familiar with various multichannel streaming methods, i would be interested in learning about them.

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  1. Mike says:

    If you can somehow get the recorded motion files into midi, that would be easiest way I can think of to synch the machine with any media.

    • shagmatic says:

      I have been programming MIDI for about 15 years so am very familiar with the format etc. The microcontroller I use has a MIDI library and all it would take to interface it hardware wise would be an optical isolator. I have a small development area on the control board that could be used for the opto. So it all should be quite doable. MIDI is not fast enough to stream high speed motion at high resolution so I would have to do some fancy processing and packing of data. I’m sure I can do this. Then the MIDI library overhead needs to not be a problem for the high speed loop that runs the machine now.

      If you can provide enough reasons and ideas on how the MIDI would be recorded and played back with readily available equipment I might make it a priority to test the machine end of things. I already have made a version of the machine that records to SD card and it worked very well but it required an interface to control it. I used a touch screen and it worked but it would not be reliable unless I build a very complex board to hold all the components without the multiple sockets used in the shield based version I made as a prototype.

      I still hope to find time to test the record to audio idea. I had it almost working at one point but realized I needed to learn more about data formats etc. If anyone is better at this than I am I would love to hear from them.

      One advantage of using MIDI is that it could be free running and just record events if and when they happened with the recorder turned on and off as needed. There is a limit to the delta time that some sequencers will handle so the MIDI source would have to break up long delays into multiple events. Again, I know MIDI very well so could work this all out, just need some very good reasons that MIDI is the way to go.

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