Cheaper Joystick Encoder?

the following might work as a joystick encoder. it is worth a try. potential problems are 1 it specifies 6 to 24 volts operating voltage.i have used similar encoders on 5 volts with no problem but i am pretty sure this will not work on 3.3 volts so it has to be used with a 5 volt compatible teensy such as the 3.2 or 3.5, not the 3.6   the other “problem is that it is 400 PPR which is a lot more than the encoders i have used so far. the way the program works it is most likely that the excess counts will just be discarded each time the read encoders subroutine runs. i clear the count each run. i have various versions of the firmware that either do or do not act on multiple counts logged on each loop so it may also be necessary to modify the firmware a little to work with a high PPR encoder.

anyone one a budget is welcome to try this and i will help with the firmware mods if necessary. if i can think of more stuff to order from MPJA, i’ll get one to try but my plate is pretty full right now. i lost a good part of two weeks due to health issues which are finally resolved so i am back to work but very far behind.

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