Difference between my machine and others.

Most fucking machines are simple motor drives with variable speed and the ability to change the stroke. Most require that you stop them to change the stroke. Sure it is possible to vary the speed and ramp up to a furious speed that gives your asshole a real workout but is this what real sex is like?

I think that sex is the ultimate form of communication and is full of both predictability and surprise. There is nothing surprising about in out in out in out from a motor running without variation.

My machine has continuously variable speed, acceleration and stroke with no need to stop it at any point. You can fuck yourself or if you are lucky enough , you can find someone to operate the machine for you as this is by far the best way to be machine fucked.

At some point in the near future, I hope to have the recording and playback system working. This will allow the machine to play recording just as you would your favorite music. Pop in a CD and fuck yourself for hours, gently or severely or any combination thereof.


2 Responses to Difference between my machine and others.

  1. Eric says:

    I love your concept and would love to build one. Have you gotten any closer to having plans or a kit? Is the motor strong enough to use with a fleshlight? and have you done any testing with a fleshlight or something simular ? Is it possible to code movements to video and /or control via internet? Please let me know

    Thanks Eric
    P.s. nice work

  2. Harry Douglas says:

    Totally agree with Eric, Brilliant design, it would be nice to translate controller data to a video’s audio track or even facetime. Count me in on a kit!

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