My latest new controller, a controller for nerds

I have put a lot of effort into a new fucking machine controller and a software suite that supports it. This new controller is based on the same microcontroller (Arduino compatible 32 bit 80 mhz Chipkit “Uno”) Although this new controller is targeted toward the exchange  of  binary “fuck files” using flash memory, it is also capable of all the functionality of previous microcontroller based controllers. That said, here is what I am working on now!!!

The new controller reads files from SD cards. A 2 gig SD card can hold over 1100 hours of fucking instructions. A variety of programs are available for creating these files. The fuck file recorder lets the user move the mouse or joystick to control the motion of the fucking machine. Once this file is made, it can be used by the fuck file editing program. This lets you string together any number of files, repeating as often as you want, varying the speed etc. You can start with basic files and add them together to create masterpieces. You can export the files to human readable tabbed text files which can be viewed and edited in excel. You can apply mathematical formulas to the motions instructions and import the files back into the editor for previewing and eventual playing on the fucking machine. A little time spent on developing a library of motion files will provide the ability to create an unlimited variety of fuck files.

Once the files are made, they are simply copied to an SD card which the controller will read. You can instantly switch from one file to the next. The controller has the ability to browse the files and choose them on the basis of the embedded meta data. Switching from slow and gentle to fast and furious is just a matter of choosing the file you want. The file chosen will repeat continuously until it is paused, stopped or another file is chosen.



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  1. shorebreak says:

    You mean I can get an Arduino kit from Radioshack and use it to control a DC stepper motor for my fucking machine? That would be way cooler than the light dimmer switch and AC motor that I’ve got hooked up now! Would this be too difficult for someone who is not that great at computers but highly motivated by the capabilities this offers? As an artist I must say your machine looks bitchin’!

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