New Control Board Update

I have had some time out of the shop due to fire threat so I have been working on the Shagmatic code. It is looking very good.I finally tested on a real machine and found several bugs. The worst of which is that the ADC converter on the ESP32 is total (documented) garbage. I finally found a smoothing function that fixes up the terrible ADC. For a while I thought I need to add an external ADC . I am just using the ADC for analog pot inputs. Anyway it is all working WIFI three pot joystick etc are all integrated. I also have the playing of pre-recorder files basically working but not tested thoroughly. I have made a lot of improvements to the fuck file reorder and editor and they seem to actually work now. The next step is to write the manual for this new system so people can see what it does. Will be able to post that soon?

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4 Responses to New Control Board Update

  1. Ken says:

    That is great news. Looking forward to it ?

  2. SPL says:

    Good news and nice progress!

  3. Uselessgarbage says:

    An IIR filter offers pretty reliable smoothing. I use one once idk where i put the code for it but it was simple, used it for my advanced mechatronics course.

    • shagmatic says:

      I tried a bunch of filters and eventually found one that works pretty well. It is a running average. However I have decided to not use potentiometers as control inputs and one the wifi interface instead. if someone wants a machine with knob controls i recommend using encoders instead of pots. if the ADC were faster and better pots could be OK. some day i might try and external ADC but too many things to do.

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