New Wooden Cased Machine In the Works

I have made a lot of progress with a new design that is both more aesthetic and easier to build. The manual will be updated soon to reflect this design and to provide construction details. As with all of my prototypes, this one was built rather casually without much planning (other than all the development that proceeded it) with materials I had on hand. I used  Corian plastic material for the top. This is a good material but the stuff I have is not one of the most attractive choices available. I need to find a source for sink cutouts of better stuff. I chose Corian because it is very easy to machine with woodworking tools. There are many other suitable plastics and even a high quality 3/8″ plywood would work. The wood sides are left over pre-finished flooring. This had its advantages and its disadvantages. It was quick to build but it is not my favorite wood nor finish. It is convenient that it does not have to be finished but it is also very easy to damage. So, here are some pictures of the new machine. I do have to admit that I did photoshop the color of the top a little to make it less boring. I might get a chance today to find some more interesting wood for the next machine. My favorite hardwood lumber supply is unfortunately 700 miles away so I need to find something local.









new-wood-case-inside copy

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  1. SPL says:

    Dang, I like that quite a bit. Very clean.

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