New Wooden Kit Prototype revised and looks GREAT!!!

This is the latest revision of the wooden DIY version of my manually controlled Fucking Machine. I finally have something that I feel look as good as it performs. There are no jutting out vulnerable parts. It still has the functional “Steam Punk” look but is more streamlined and looks like it can really do the job that it can do. Please ignore extraneous seams and holes. I added and subtracted material to the current prototype instead of starting the whole thing over. Once I am certain I like the design, I will makone from scratch to see what it is like to build one from instructions and templates. There are a few parts that I will be changing to make it even prettier. I eliminated a couple of difficult to source parts, Now every part is easy to obtain other than a very few that I need to make. This is the smoothest and quietest machine I have built. It is a little deceiving, the small motor is capable of amazing speed acceleration and power. It has more of all these capabilities than much larger machines. I will be working on the templates and instructions over the next couple of weeks and then will concentrate on the the PC record playback interface.



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3 Responses to New Wooden Kit Prototype revised and looks GREAT!!!

  1. pantylover00 says:

    Wow! Things are really coming together on this, and the project looks great! I’d be very interested to see how your DIY plans turnout, as it looks like this would be a great device for the “average joe” to assemble for home use, with minimal experience.

    I do wonder how well the channel system for the belt-driven linear actuator will hold up to speed and friction over time. Have you run any tests with this prototype for prolonged use and high speeds?

    I would also be VERY interested in being a beta tester for the device, and your DIY plans. I have a degree in engineering, previous employment in programming, employment in engineering and design, owned a woodshop for furniture and cabinetry, dabble in arduino for hobby, and have a very kinky mind! 😉 Please add me to the list of those interested.

    Thanks! And keep up the good work!!

  2. GABRIEL says:

    Thanks for sharing your model with us, looks amazong and 100% promising!

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