One Tough Fuck (ing machine)

The latest prototype, almost ready for production.

I have been working really hard turning my fucking machine in to something that can be manufactured easily. I have added features, simplified the design and have done a lot of testing both for quality of fucking and reliability. This is hard work but it must be done.

The housing is made of real diamond plate. I have named the machine “One Tough Fuck” because that is how it looks and performs. It is currently riveted together but the next prototype will be TIG welded. The new stand is very versatile, simple and strong. This machine can provide a serious fucking and a stand that can support it through this action was needed. The stand can sit on a bed, or a floor. The actuator can be positioned at any angle including straight up and can be secured at a variety of heights. The stand is made to fit under a mattress for support which make a very rigid structure. The next version of the stand will be made in two pieces so it can pack flat allowing the whole machine and stand to fit in a carry on sized suitcase.

The unit now has a built in power supply making it much more compact and easy to set up. All compatible controls will plug into the single outlet on the front of the actuator. Both the “joystick” control and the automatic (microcontroller based) controls are working very well and I am making decent progress on the record/playback control. I have made major improvements to the control program and am anxious to give the new program a serious testing.


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2 Responses to One Tough Fuck (ing machine)

  1. walter says:

    Are you willing to sell your old controller? Or may the plans to that one with the plans of your machine? The new one that saves it is really cool, but I would be happy with the old one?

    • shagmatic says:

      I wrote to you privately but want to know if others would be interested in plans for a variety of different machine configurations as well as controllers of the different types in either kits or completed units.

      I plan to design a machine version that would be easier to build with basic wood or metal working skills. It will not be as compact as the “One Tough Fuck” but will not require a lathe and milling machine to make the parts. Most parts will be readily obtainable requiring only assembly.

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