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Several years ago I built a fucking machine that used an SD card to hold motion programs. I also wrote a number of programs to create and edit these programs. I have one program that allows you to record a program that follows mouse or gamepad joystick motion. You can save the files as either tabbed text which can then be edited in excel or as a very dense simple proprietary format. I found the Arduino code that I wrote 8 years ago for decoding the proprietary format. It is very simple, I am actually surprised I thought of something so simple. I guess I had a working brain 8 years ago. Only the proprietary code was interpreted by the Arduuino but I could write an interpreter for the tabbed text as well.

Then there is the editor program which allows you to string together previously recorded sessions. You can add both tabbes text and other files and save as a proprietary formatted file that will play on the machine. You can change speed and so all sort of other things as well as preview the motion graphically.

I am amazed that I wrote all this stuff and never used it, but that is largely because I really like joystick control with a partner and concentrated on making that work really well. There has been some interest expressed about having programs which is why I checked this old code out. Also the new control board has an SD card on it so why not use it for this?

I can post the programs for people to play with but currently the later machines will not play the files. I can easily add the code to interpret them but the difficult part is deciding how to choose and run the files with a minimal user interface. I do not want to make it WIFI dependent but might have no other choice? Ideas?

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  1. SPL says:

    I’d play around with the program if you post it.

  2. Chaste says:

    I did a project for a cooling vest, it circulates water through hoses sewed into a tight vest. I wanted to be able to control the flow rate, but didn’t want to screw with an interface cause KISS. So I just added a pizo and one button. With combinations of long and short presses I had a couple different modes setup. It’s dead simple as long as you know what the sequences.

    Or just generate wave files of the file name and one button to cycle through them.

    • shagmatic says:

      I am not crazy about long and short presses but might use some if i need more options. What I have now is three buttons which work on a single wire because there are only 8 in the cable from the control to the micro board. i use different voltage dividers and analog input to create these three buttons. one button advances to the next program one starts the program and the other does an e-stop which resets the ram. you can select a different program while is running and it stops it and loads the next. the selected or if playing file header name is displayed. the recorder program lets you add a 40 character header name so you are not limited to 8.3 names of the file name.

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