This is the Best Machine Ever

This is the latest fucking machine I have made using all I have learned over the past 4 years or so. It uses a stepper motor instead of a servo which eliminates the need for an encoder and other problems of servo motors. I am amazed at the capabilities of this new machine but getting it as good as it is was a bit of learning and work. Here is a video that shows its basic capabilities.

You  need to try the machine personally to see what it really can do. The machine has a removable double ended ram, great for couples play. It has the joystick encoder control that is still my favorite but also has a controller that makes it just like a conventional fucking machine. The machine is designed to be very powerful and durable. The only wear items can be replaced in minutes. Not shown in this view is the fact that the ram carriage is adjustable in height and angle.

The ram can be positioned just a few inches above the base or at the full height of the support tower. It can be angled up or down as well. The double ended ram has quick connect fitting for toys on both ends and can be removed for easy transport. The DC power supply and all electronic components are located in the box located in the lower right of the picture.

Due to the precision machining required for the major components, this is not a candidate for an amateur builder.





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