Two New User Interface Possibilities (Fuck and wank at the same time)

I have spent a little time working on two new user interfaces. I have just done the preliminary investigation so far. One was suggested by a follower of this blog. This was to use a touchpad tablet for control. I tried a few things and finally found a device that shows promise. I have a test sketch reading it and outputting signals that will be easy to integrate into the Shagmatic firmware. The device is a capacative PS2 trackpad made by “Glidepad”. This was a common addon for computers during the age when PS2 was the common interface standard for keyboards and mice. There are still plenty of these available as both used and new old surplus. You can even buy them new on Amazon but I got mine a lot cheaper. 

I set my test trackpad up using both the X and Y axis to control the fucking penetration. The Y axis motion influences the fucking machine less and the X axis more. If you move your finger along the diagnose the result is to sum the amount of motion.

The other devise is a LIDAR (RADAR but using light) which is an amazing device. I got mine from Digikey, look for the VL6180 by Adafruit. It is a development board with the VL6180 chip and associated pasives and regulator to make it work. A little pricey at $14 but I think it will be worth it. The thing reflects an Infrared light off a target and measures the time the light takes to bounce back to a sensor. So, it is a lot faster than SONAR or other distance detectors. I did a basic test to see that it will provide updates fast enough to control a fucking machine. It looks very promising.

This interface will hopefully make something possible that I tried before but was too clumsy to put into actual practice. The idea is to mount a distance sensor on your hand so that it will sense the distance from your body. You can then masturbate and have the fucking machine follow the motion of your hand on your cock. So you can jerk yourself to the same rhythm you are fucking yourself to. I can’t wait to try this. This should simulate the feeling of being in the middle of a fucking sandwich and a synchronized one at that !!!

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